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    Image updating Even better on the quality of service

    With the development needs of our international business and diversified, Fumei's original company image cannot match the develo-pment of our corporate .In 2011, we spent to make our corporate image promotion. We do not only update the enterprise LOGO, but    also carry on a more accurate analysis and assessment on Fumei's corprate positioning, product positioning, product strategy, and    marketing stategy and so on. Fumei corporate will become a modern enterprise with more competitiveness of standardization and      intemationalization graduany.


     Since 1990, the predecessor of FUMEI is Linzhang Light Industry Machinery Factory, reformed to Handan Fumei Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd    in year of 2003. Our company owes rich production experience. Production equipment constantly updated after reformed, technical        force gradually strengthened, products quality gradually improved, international relations increased, volume of export business expan-ded day by day, popularity improved day by day, in year of 2013 FUMEI  company became vice president of Handan Chamber of Intern-ational commerce and president of Linzhang Foundry Association. We have a complete and scientific quality management system,      always adhere to exist depend on quality, our honesty, strength and product quality was highly recognized by the industry.


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